Welcome to Korn Art Pty Ltd


Korn Art is proud to offer the latest, high quality bike accessories
to the Australian market.
With an office located in Denmark, the Australian Biking Community now has direct
access to the latest in European technology.
As the demand for cycling products grows, you can rest assured Korn Art will be
keeping a close eye on the overseas market looking for high quality, cost effective
products to meet the demands of the Australian market.
Reelight is Danish design and Danish technology.
Reelight are patented magnet induction lights that are a simple, durable and reliable solution to your cycling safety.
The self-sufficient induction dynamo, high quality light diodes and the powerful neodymium magnets guarantee quality and durability.
As a rule, Reelight lights require no maintenance. They contain no parts that require replacement or recharging and are always ready to use.
The lights are based on the electrodynamic induction principle and generate their own energy. Therefore, the lights come on every time the wheel rotates. No friction, no noise. Simple,effective and ingenious.
Enjoy cycling safely when you are out in traffic
Winther has been owned by the same family since the company was set up in 1932.
It is now in the hands of the third generation of Winther. For years, Winther has focused on making high-quality trikes and children's bikes for the educational market. 
Meanwhile, production of bicycle trailers has been added to the product portfolio and a few years ago the Family Bike was designed and is now available throughout the world.